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The Exam Slayer

A Journey to discover your magic

The Exam Slayer

How would it be if you got to the exam room totally confident that you would do well no matter what questions were asked?


This book provides exam techniques, exam preparation, revision skills and learning methods to smash your exams – guaranteed.


Exams are stressful. You spend years at school, studying all sorts of subjects, so that you can go to college and university or get the job, apprenticeship, or career you want.


There’s the anxiety of the revision and study, the exams themselves, worrying about whether you’ll get the right results, and pressure from yourself, parents, friends, teachers. Sometimes you are told not to worry if you don’t get the grades you want – more stress!


After all those years of studying, it’s no wonder you feel stress, because when it comes down to it, everything hinges upon the results of the exams you take. Yet nobody has shown you how to get the best marks. Until now…


The aim with this book is to bridge the gap between your dream results and your current reality and make exams exciting ‒ rather than a fearful monster.

Thousands of students miss out on the future they want each year because they don’t get the exam results they need.

No wonder this time is stressful and causes so much anxiety for them and their parents. This book will change all of that. Written for kids (by a big kid!), it teaches simple skills that are not taught in school.


You will gain the GCSE exam skills and A level exam skills to confidently slay any exam.


The Exam Slayer is a qualified teacher of science, who gave up classroom teaching to privately tutor kids who really wanted to do better. For over a decade, he has helped hundreds of students to smash their exams so that they could pursue the career of their dreams. After running out of diary space, but frustrated about why more kids don’t know these techniques, he decided to write this book.


With simple test taking strategies, easy-to-follow revision skills and accelerated learning methods, you will be able to smash any exam now and in the future.

 Just imagine looking forward to exams and truly being confident you will do well because you actually believe you can.


 Follow the steps in this book and you will see a change. After all, if you don’t change something, how can you expect a different result?


Buy it now the only study guide to come with a guarantee!

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