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I have been a passionate supporter of The Mumba Children's Project since 2016 when my wife visited her friend Hildah in her village in Mpongwe, Zambia.  

UK based, their mission is to facilitate and support the needs of children in, but not limited to, Africa by providing at least one meal per day, clean water, education and healthcare.  


At the Mumba Children's Project they are always thinking to the future and the future means new projects that empower and improve the lives of the people of Mpongwe. 


Poverty is not a choice for the people of Mpongwe its a consequence of being disadvantaged and a lack of real opportunities - this is why they go out of their way to work with the people to create real, sustainable and lasting opportunities especially for the children and young people of the area. 


I have made a commitment to donate 50p of every copy of The Exam Slayer directly to the Mumba Children's Project.  


Every donation makes the biggest difference to the lives and the children of Mpongwe.

Muma Children's Project

See below how some of our donations have directly impacted the Women and Children of Mpongwe and how education is key to making a difference.

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