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"This book encourages every student to fulfil their potential by utilising these skills and helping them to achieve higher marks in their exams. As I read through the introduction, I found myself wanting to turn the pages, knowing that success was truly possible."

Tracy, mum of Sid


"When my son sat his GCSEs last summer, he did not know how to revise. I was surprised that the school had not provided more guidance to his year group, but the assumption seemed to be that students will just know what to do. This book fills the gap as there is nothing else out there like this on exam technique, revision skills and motivation tips and mindset, and is pitched perfectly for GCSE and A-level students. I think your book is fantastic."

Juliette, mum of George


"Your book is amazing. You have structured it in a technical way but also included explanations that students can understand. Starting the book off with telling pupils about their potential is so uplifting and surprising because most books about education kick straight into the cold hard facts. The scenarios helped link your advice and explanations perfectly and the book really shows your experience in science and as a teacher and the contents in the book tell facts about exam questions that no teacher has told. Your book will truly help a lot of people who believe that they are “dumb” or “slow” when they are not."



"Your book was so useful. I related to the stories, which gave me hope that you would have some useful tips for me. You have a realistic perspective on school and exams, and one tip I will definitely be doing is the coloured highlighting of the specification, since I have A level mocks soon and have no idea where to start revising and tend to revise stuff I already know! Thanks for sharing this with me!"



"It has really helped me a lot, so I can guarantee others will be able to benefit as well. It really is a brilliant book."



"This is so good and pitched at the perfect level for people my age. It’s funny and relatable. It’s also really interesting reading about all the things you’ve been telling me over the past year and a half, it feels like I’m in on a secret not many people know! I specifically like the section on exam questions and exam boards. Leading me up to my mocks, past papers and questions were my main source of revision and I feel like that sort of revision suits me as a person."



"Your book is fantastic and so well written; as a parent it’s really useful just to get your head around helping them and understanding. I’m sure it will be a massive success!"

Sam, mum of Kitra and Poppy


"When I read this book, I felt like I was right back there doing my GCSEs and A levels. I loved the use of interactive activities like the remembering words and writing the sentence from the box, that will definitely help teenagers stay more engaged and listen more to your advice. It’s really easy to read and understand, a brilliant book."



"I’d like to say that this book has really opened my eyes to techniques I didn’t realise existed and I’m beginning to use them myself :-). Amazing book, I really do wish I’d had a book like this when the children were younger and I could have encouraged the techniques when they were growing up."

Tee, mum of Folayemi


“I was failing and getting the lowest grades in the class, now I am passing everything and getting the highest grades in the class.”


“What you have done has meant that my son David has gone from an E in his A level biology school tests to a B in just 3 months thank you”

Jill mum of David.
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