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The Exam Slayer

About the Book

The aim of The Exam Slayer is to bridge the gap between your dream results and your current reality and make exams exciting ‒ rather than a fearful monster.


The vision is to help thousands of students achieve their targets, including you, by learning some simple exam skills which help you to change what you are doing and get your desired outcome.


Some of the skills in here are so simple you won’t believe they will work until you put them into practise. These skills are very rarely taught in school because most teachers have never been taught them in teacher training college and they don’t have the time. If you learn them and practise them, you can have any result you want - guaranteed.

This is the only study guide to give you a money back guarantee because by following  all the actions your grades will go up.

The book is split into 3 parts:

Part 1

Is all about exam technique, something rarely taught in school!

There is a skill in doing well at exams, and it is not about the knowledge. I have seen plenty of students with excellent  knowledge, writing perfect science but not answering the question, or running out of time.

I’ve also seen them make mistakes like not reading the question properly, jumping to wrong answers when they knew the right answers, not understanding what the questions want and writing more than is needed, or not doing what the questions tell them to and not using the information that is given in the question.

Do you recognise any of that?

There are many exam skills in this section. The first is so simple it is the one that most don’t believe, and it takes me the most amount of time to convince kids to just do it but it’s worth around 5 marks on every exam.

Would you like an extra 5 marks without having to revise at all?

If you want a different result you need to make a change - So click the button and buy it now!!

Part 2


Contains multiple tools to accelerate your learning and make the most of that supercomputer in your head, known as your brain. It’s such a powerful machine, yet we don’t use a fraction of its

This section just uses a teaches simple techniques that mean you can learn information at a much faster rate and store it to access in the future. 

It uses the proven principles of memory and learning to use your limitless capabilities including simple speed-reading that anyone can do, accelerated note-taking, topic linking, picture-building for
memory, and increasing your attention rapidly and permanently.


Part 3


All about revision. This is another skill that doesn’t get taught in school or at teacher training college. Learn how to do revision in a fraction of the time that you would normally spend and it
includes how to build effective flashcards that you will remember when you need to in an exam.

Understand the 6-second rule of revision and 6-second brainstorming as well as story and picture-building techniques that your brain will not forget when you need them.


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